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Although we will sell you a licensed copy of our proprietary source code, none of the source that we used to create this product is Open Source. This is actually good news for you as you will not have to share the code with your competition, customers or anyone else for that matter.
The base code for the software application was validated with the PCI Security Standards Council in 2011 under the name Oceanside POSĀ® The current version of the application uses out-of-scope processing mechanisms so you don't have to go through PA-DSS validation on your own. The system will need no certifications for you to process electronic transactions.
The application was developed by our Team between 2010 and 2012 and is maintained by proficient Software Engineers.
We are an Engineering firm that will integrate or write code that can communicate with any API or device that you contract us to communicate with.
Although the application was built for restaurants, some of our customers do and have used the application in retail. Additionally, we plan to create a specific retail version in the future.
We recommend using Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 (the free version), but older versions of SQL server will also work. If desirable, we can write custom integrations to other database systems for you.